Select Soccer

About LYS Select

LYS Select provides U8 through U19 players high-quality competitive soccer opportunities with their friends and in their neighborhoods.

Participating with an LYS Select Team requires participating in the LYS Player Placement that happen in early May each year. The younger LYS Select Teams participate in the OYSA Developmental Leagues and the older LYS Select Teams participate in the OYSA Competitive Leagues.

LYS Select Age Brackets

  • All competitive and development soccer teams are formed based on calendar year birthdates instead of school year.
  • This differs from the Recreational soccer leagues which are based on the school year

LYS Select Player Placement

LYS and all other select programs conduct annual Player Placement that usually occur in late April and early May. The exact tryout period is dictated by OYSA. Please visit our Player Placement schedule page for the 2023 Player Placement Dates – LYS Player Placement