Hillside Soccer Club

HSC Fall 2024 Season Registration OPEN

Key Dates

Fall registration open May 1 – Jun 15

Club reaches out to divisions

that need more players or coaches.

June 20
Practice schedule established May 30
Practices and Games begin Sep 3
Season ends Oct 26

Season Details

  • 8 week season in September and October
  • One Saturday morning practice/scrimmage for kinder ($80), includes a size 3 ball.
  • One weekend game per week and one practice, grades 1-2 ($120)
  • Two weekday practices and one game per week, grades 3-5 ($160)
  • Registration fees cover field rentals, insurance, PYSA fees, and equipment costs.
  • No fees charged until your child is confirmed on a team
  • Scholarships available on request to any family in need

About HSC

Recreational Soccer for Northwest Portland
  • Hillside Soccer Club (HSC) is a recreational organization dedicated to introducing young players to the joys of soccer. HSC strives to teach our players skills, teamwork and a love of the game
  • HSC has over 300 Kindergarten through 5th grade players participating on boys and girls teams in 6 age groups;
  • HSC generally serves the Northwest Portland community and its schools
  • HSC offers competitive play options for 3rd – 5th grade players in collaboration with Lincoln Youth Soccer (see below)

Hillside Soccer Club is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Tax ID: 20-8601868

Hillside Board

Soccer is a team sport and so is running Hillside Soccer Club. Hillside is a volunteer run organization, with volunteer coaches and board members. We are always in need of volunteers.

Currently we are actively seeking new board members for the following positions:

  • Registrar: configures online registration, and works with coaches to form teams
  • Website Manager: updates information on this website to reflect seasonal changes

If you are interested in joining us for a board meeting, contact hscpresident@lincolnyouthsoccer.org.

Our club is  run by:

President Eric Skaar
Vice President Pete Grabiel
Treasurer Zach Bonsall
Scholarships Kale Beckwitt
Field Coordinator David LaBonte
Events Coordinator Sarah Schiffman
Equipment Coordinator Rob Solmer
At Large Cameron Bravmann
Secretary Jonathan Griffiths
Communications Elliot Moscow
Outreach and Recruiting Meredith Cahill
Member at large Chris Sameck

Coaches and Team Parents

Our community’s soccer program is wholly dependent on the volunteers that dedicate their time to coach our children.  Luckily, many generous parents in NW Portland recognize the value of community soccer, and happily take on the responsibility of developing our young athletes.

If you are a parent that knows how to play soccer and values youth sport, please consider volunteering as a Head Coach for HSC.  There are several benefits to coaching:

  • Personal growth, developing your soccer knowledge and mentoring skills
  • Involvement in your local community and your child’s peer group
  • Satisfaction in seeing the rapid development of your team’s skills
  • Stronger motivation from your own child in the sport, due to your involvement
  • Role modeling community involvement and generosity for your players
  • Substantial discounts for your player’s HSC registration fees

If you are NOT a parent that has soccer skills, you can still help your child’s team in crucial ways!  Managing energetic young players is impossible without assistant coaches.  If your players team has more than 6 children for each coach, then your child is probably having a sub-optimal experience.  Volunteer as an assistant coach to run activities in smaller groups, manage problems for players, and help kids keep their attention on the activities and games.

Even if coaches may appear to have it under control in your child’s age group, there is always room for more parents to help out. Parents can offer to set up nets or cones for practice and games, ref the sideline, or help mange subs on one of the two 3V3 or 4V4 games. It is also helpful to have a team parent or manager who can do all of the team communications and help with end of the season celebrations. Please contact the head coach in your age group if you are willing to help out your team in any of these ways.

For inquiries about volunteer opportunities contact: hscpresident@lincolnyouthsoccer.org


Hillside Soccer Club keeps registration fees at a minimum to encourage wide participation in the sport.  We also have scholarships for any family that is experiencing financial hardship.  Our registration process offers the opportunity to donate to Hillside’s Scholarship fund.  When you donate, you may be enabling an athlete to join your child’s team.

If your child needs a scholarship, contact our scholarships coordinator: Kale Beckwitt.

More information about HSC registration fees.

Practice Schedule

Tentative schedule for spring practices:

3rd Grade Girls – Tuesday 5-6pm
3rd Grade Boys – Tuesday 4-5pm
4th Grade Girls – Tuesday 4-5pm
4th Grade Boys – Thursday 4-5pm
5th Grade Girls – No Team
5th Grady Boys – 5-6pm Thursday

Upcoming Events

Practice schedule will be established in late March.