Board Members

Lincoln Youth Soccer is a volunteer-run organization.  We are always looking for parents that recognize the value of community soccer, and want to take a leadership role.

Click here to see our current LYS Board Members.

The LYS Board is elected and governed by our club’s bylaws.

LYS has the following board positions:

  • President: Responsible for the organization.
  • Treasurer: Provides regular financial reports to the board.  Submits tax forms each year.
  • Secretary: Attends all meetings and provides notes for the board.
  • Membership: Organizes tryouts and serves as a contact for new families.  Works with the registrar to create teams.
  • Coaching Development: Puts on coach training events, collects resources for coaches, and contracts a coaching mentor to work with volunteer coaches.
  • Equipment: Selects, purchases, and distributes equipment to coaches.
  • Fields Coordinator: Reserves practice fields with PPS and PP&R.  Creates a practice schedule for all teams.
  • Registrar: Configures online registration, and works with coaches to form teams.
  • Website Manager: Updates information on this website to reflect seasonal changes.
  • Member-at-large: Votes on important issues pertaining to our club.

Each of the four LYS recreational clubs has an independent board, which provides soccer to their local community.  Visit their club pages to see open board positions.

Contact us if you are interested in joining the board for LYS, Vista, Hillside, Skyline, or Forest Heights.