Forest Heights Soccer Club

PYSA Spring Recreational Soccer Season Cancelled 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the PYSA Spring Season has been canceled. The FHCS and LYS Boards are reviewing options for reimbursements and will follow up with the community shortly. 

Important Dates

Key Dates for the Spring Season
Spring Registration Deadline February 29th
PYSA Schedules Released March 21st
PYSA Season Starts April 4th
Kindergarten Program Starts April 5th
PYSA Season Ends May 16th
Last day for Kindergarten Program May 17th

About FHSC

Recreational Soccer Club for Kindergarten through 5th Graders in the Forest Heights Neighborhood

Forest Height Soccer Club (FHSC) fields soccer teams from 1st to 5th grade in the Portland Youth Soccer Association (PYSA) League. FHSC also supports a Kindergarten / Pre-K Soccer program on Sunday afternoons.

The fall season runs from late August to end of October and the spring league runs from early April to mid-May.

For 1st-5th Graders, all games are on Saturdays. In the fall, teams practice one to two times per week. FHSC does not have field times for team practices in the spring. 

Our home turf field is adjacent to Forest Park Elementary School (9935 NW Durrett St, Portland, OR 97229). All FHSC team practices are at the Forest Park Elementary School turf field unless specified elsewhere. 

Kindergarten Soccer

This FAQ tells you what you need to know about the Forest Heights Soccer Club (FHSC) Kindergarten Soccer Program, which we also open to Pre-K kids in the spring. 

FHSC offers a Kindergarten program in the fall and spring which consists of a weekly practice.

  • In the spring season, FHSC opens up the registration to Pre-K kids planning to start Kindergarten in the fall.
  • Fall Season consists of 8 Sunday practices
  • Spring Season consists of 6 Sunday practices
  • The exact practice times will be confirmed after registration closes for the 1st – 5th graders.
  • All practices are at the Forest Park Turf Field.

Here is a checklist of things your child will need for the Sunday practice:

  • Size 3 Soccer Ball… the kids will use a size 3 soccer ball for Kindergarten and 1st Grade
  • Shin Guards… the kids will not be allowed to practice unless they are wearing shin guards. Also note that the shin guards should be worn INSIDE of their socks.
  • Soccer Shoes… turf shoes are OK when it is dry, but soccer cleats will be better for the season
  • Soccer Socks
  • Water Bottle
  • Bathroom… always have your kids go potty before coming to practice.  The field has a porta-potty, but potty breaks during practice can be disruptive.   
  • Uniforms are not required.
    • If you do not buy a uniform, send your child to practice with a comfortable shirt and shorts; color does not matter.
    • If you do buy a uniform, get a size that will likely fit next year.  Scroll to the Uniforms section below for more information on FHSC uniforms.  

The Far Post will give you 15% off all soccer equipment if you tell them that you are with FHSC. Dick’s Sporting Goods and Target should also have some good prices for kids soccer equipment.

Please plan to have a guardian stay with your child throughout the practices.  If this is not possible, please ask another parent to be responsible for your child while you are away.  We need a guardian to be at the practices in the event your child has an injury, needs to use the bathroom or just needs consoling. 

Note we are always looking for additional volunteer coaches. This is an easy one-hour commitment that will be lots of fun with the kids. No soccer experience required. Go to the registration page to signup as a volunteer coach.


FHSC requires families to purchase a team uniform for the U7 – U11 age groups.

Uniforms are NOT required for the Kindergarten Program. For Kindergarten families who do not purchase a uniform, please send your child to practice with a comfortable shirt and shorts; color does not matter.

FHSC uniforms are only available at The Far Post Soccer Supply. The Far Post knows FHSC’s color scheme, which is navy blue, and keeps the FHSC uniform in stock at their downtown store located at:
825 SW 14th Ave.
Portland, OR 97205

Note that Far Post will give you 15% off all soccer equipment if you tell them that you are with FHSC.

The cost of the uniform is about $35.00 and includes a jersey, shorts, and socks. Alternatively, Far Post will also sell used club uniforms for a price between $5 and $20 based on condition. They only sell used jerseys and shorts, not socks.

FHSC Board

President Roger Thomas
Treasurer Eric Happel
Equipment Michael Wannell  
Registrar Open Position  
Field Coordinator Open Position