Forest Heights Soccer Club


Fall Season Registration Now Open for All Grades (K-5)


Field Re-turfing Fundraiser

We are raising money to assist in re-turfing the Forest Park Elementary field. We’re super lucky to have a turf field in our community that our FHSC teams get to use for various practices and events. The original field was installed ~12 years ago and it’s a couple years past its useful life. We are targeting August for the re-turfing, which means our kids would have a brand new field for next school year and the fall season of FHSC soccer!

Please consider donating HERE (donations are tax deductible)

Important Dates

Registration open May 1 – July 31
Season Starts

September 3

Season Ends

October 26

Season Details

  • 8 game season, September 3 through October 26
  • Player fees go toward insurance, fields (including helping fund the re-turf), equipment, coaching education, registrar, etc.
    • $95 for Kindergarten,
    • $175 for grades 1-5
  • Scholarships available on request to any family in need
  • Playmetrics is the app / website we use to manage the teams and communication during the season

About FHSC

Recreational Soccer Club for Kindergarten through 5th Graders in the Forest Heights Neighborhood

Forest Height Soccer Club (FHSC) fields soccer teams from 1st to 5th grade in the Portland Youth Soccer Association (PYSA) League. FHSC also supports a Kindergarten / Pre-K Soccer program on Sunday afternoons.  5th grade is in partnership with LYS and Hillside, Ainsworth, and Skyline.

The fall season runs from late August to end of October and the spring league runs from early April to mid-May.

For 1st-5th Graders, all games are on Saturdays. In the fall, teams practice one to two times per week. FHSC has limited opportunities in spring for team practices. 

Our home turf field is adjacent to Forest Park Elementary School (9935 NW Durrett St, Portland, OR 97229). All FHSC team practices are at the Forest Park Elementary School turf field unless specified elsewhere. 


FHSC requires families to purchase a team uniform for first to fifth grade age groups. Uniforms are NOT required for the Kindergarten Program. For Kindergarten families who do not purchase a uniform, please send your child to practice with a comfortable shirt and shorts.

FHSC families can purchase uniforms (and any other gear) from Tursi’s Soccer — ask for the Forest Heights Soccer Club uniform in-store:

The cost of the uniform is $44.25 and includes a navy blue Nike jersey, shorts, and socks.  Please contact us for any questions on uniform purchasing.

Coaching and Parent Volunteers

Our community’s soccer program is wholly dependent on the volunteers that dedicate their time to coach our children.  Luckily, many generous parents in NW Portland recognize the value of community soccer, and happily take on the responsibility of developing our young athletes.

If you are a parent that knows how to play soccer and values youth sport, please consider volunteering as a Head Coach for FHSC.  There are several benefits to coaching:

  • Personal growth, developing your soccer knowledge and mentoring skills
  • Involvement in your local community and your child’s peer group
  • Satisfaction in seeing the development of your team’s skills
  • Stronger motivation from your own child in the sport, due to your involvement
  • Role modeling community involvement and generosity for your players

If you are NOT a parent that has soccer skills, you can still help your child’s team in crucial ways!  Managing energetic young players is impossible without assistant coaches.  If your players team has more than 6 children for each coach, then your child is probably having a sub-optimal experience.  Volunteer as an assistant coach to run activities in smaller groups, manage problems for players, and help kids keep their attention on the activities and games.

Even if coaches may appear to have it under control in your child’s age group, there is always room for more parents to help out. Parents can offer to set up nets or cones for practice and games, ref the sideline, or help mange subs on one of the two 3V3 or 4V4 games. It is also helpful to have a team parent or manager who can do all of the team communications and help with end of the season celebrations. Please contact the head coach in your age group if you are willing to help out your team in any of these ways.

For inquiries about volunteer opportunities contact:

FHSC Board

FHSC is a volunteer run organization, with volunteer coaches and board members. We are always in need of volunteers.

Currently we are actively seeking new board members for the following positions:

  • Registrar: configures online registration, and works with coaches to form teams
  • Treasurer: maintains FHSC’s finances
  • Field Maintenance: work with the school and LYS to maintain fields, goals, etc.

If you are interested in joining us for a board meeting, contact


President Jiwon Park
Treasurer Jiwon Park (temporary)
Vice President (Coaches/Practices/Registration) Jessica Torres
Equipment Director Emily Busse
Registrar Open  
Fields Maintenance Open